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TTT Trinidad Churchill 7" X 50
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan and Peruvian

Cigarwoman: This cigar was the best reviewed of the bunch this month.
Salescamp: This was a Bombay Sapphire Martini rated cigar - but that didn't matter in this case. Perhaps this cigar was an oddball (of course that is what everyone says to soften the blow). Had the cigar been constructed better - I would have put it into my average rating range.
Connie H.: Overall, a very nice smoke. Beautiful, well constructed and pleasant to hold and smoke. Not a good choice for one who prefers a mild smoke. Even those who prefer a stronger smoke full of flavor, will have to be patient with this one. The dry taste does give way to a cocoa taste with a smoother finish. The vitola was a bit larger than I prefer, so I would like to give this one another try in a Corona or Belicoso.
LadyD.: I had this one hidden in my humidor and was so glad I did! I probably wouldn't have fired this up except on a breezy summer night outdoors, so the timing was perfect. I would definitely recommend this cigar to veteran smokers, giving it an A.
Connie H.: A Beautiful, well constructed cigar. The wrapper was smooth and dark. Even for it's larger size, it was pleasant to hold.
Salescamp: The cigar was simply too loose and the wrapper was somewhat bunched up.
LadyD.: Beautiful sungrown Sumatra wrapper from Ecuador (my favorite, second only to African Cameroon), rich in appearance and to the touch. Expertly rolled, perfectly balanced churchill.
Connie H. Great draw ! Not too tight-the perfect amount of resistence. The burn was a bit uneven, but expected given the thickness of the wrapper. In any case, the size of the cigar made any uneven burn a minor problem as there was plenty of time to correct it ! The cigar produced a nice, firm ash and held together very well during the 2 hour smoke...and I smoked it down to the nub.
Salescamp Certainly there was plenty of smoke, but the cigar burned hot, the ash was uneven, and eventually, despite much work to keep it together, the cigar canoed into oblivion.
LadyD. A slow, even burn paired nicely with a firm draw. Thick, hardy smoke created a rising cloud above my head. Just how a cigar should be!
Salescamp Overall - I thought that the taste of this cigar was good - however, because the cigar burned hot, the flavor was ruined at about the 40% point.
Connie H. A strong, full-bodied cigar that fell as little short on finish. Nice taste, with notes of bittersweet chocolate, but the flavor didn't last and at times seemed to dry my mouth out. It was almost as though this cigar destined to be strong cigar with a lot of bite and nothing else. Then, about halfway through the cigar, the dryness present in the finish(or lack of) gave way to a creamier cocoa taste that was much more pleasant and more seemed to linger a bit more. The further into the smoke, the smoother the taste and flavor.
LadyD. This cigar started with a nutty/coffee profile--much to my immediate enjoyment. A couple inches in hints of earthy cocoa were introduced that translated into a complementary long finish. This medium bodied smoke developed a pleasant richness midway which remained until I left it to rest with little more than an inch remaining.