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Royal Jamaica Gold Churchill 7" X 54
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Jamaican, Honduran and Nicaraguan
Cigarwoman: This cigar did quite well with our panel, no one hated it and a few were surprised. Have a look!
Salescamp: This was a Corazon Reposado Tequila rated cigar and the pair went together nicely. I would certainly smoke this cigar again and would recommend it.
Connie H.: A very nice looking cigar. This was a well-constructed, ornately packaged cigar(and I think the packaging costs were built into the price). I have to confess, it has been a few days since I smoked this cigar, and what sticks most in my mind was the packaging. However, when I think of all the cigars I like to smoke, it's the taste that I remember-not the packaging. So....yes, I purchased this cigar for the purposes of trying it out and submitting my review, but I doubt that I would ever classify it as a cigar I enjoyed snoking.
Imdenyse: It was ok. I wasn't overwhelmed. I was glad to have experienced the cigar but it wouldn't be on my list of those I'd want to smoke again.
Vangarma: I enjoyed it and was pleasantly surprised. I would suggest this cigar to someone.
LadyD.: I would definitely give this smoke a second chance. A better draw would have undoubtedly given way to tasting its true flavor profile. I'd be happy to put a couple of these with a smaller ring guage in the humidor a future tasting. I'd rate this one a C.
Connie H.: A bit overdone in the packaging department, with it's gold sleeve and band and then another band. It seemed that I might never actually get to the cigar ! But once I did, I found an attractive, well-constructed cigar, with a wrapper that was smooth, and very even colored. The color reminded me of a creamy coffee drink. The stick I smoked felt a bit spongy, but I think that may have been the result of over-humidification by the tobacconist. Nonetheless, the size and shape of the cigar felt nice in my hand.
Salescamp: I thought that the construction of this cigar was good - the color was nice and I liked the overall look and feel. The only aspect that I did not like was the packaging - I thought that it was a little too much and made the cigar look cheaper.
Vangarma: Larger guage than I prefer yet it was just tight enough to support a long draw. No fraying or splitting throughout the whole smoke.
Imdenyse: It was a very asthetically pleasing cigar. Nice moist wrapper that stayed intact despite my traveling with it not in a humidor trying to find time to smoke it. It was firm and dark.
LadyD.: This is a well rolled Nicaraguan wrapped cigar, with a marked deep, rich, chocolate color and mild tooth. A few noticable veins near a neatly placed cap and a foot that reveals a blend of 3-4 tobaccos. Balanced in the hand, this straight parejo had some heft at 7 firm inches and 54 ring guage. One noticeable soft spot.
Connie H. Very nice, even burn. I did not experience any unwrapping or unraveling issues of any kind, until the very end, when it just started to fall apart. Again, I think that may have had more to do with the conditions that this stick was living in more than anything. The draw was a bit too loose for my taste. I tend to prefer a little bit of resistance, so that the smoke and flavor have a chance to envelope my entire mouth. The draw on this smoke was a bit straw-like, and I felt like I might have been missing out on something.
Salescamp This cigar burned well and for quite some time. The ash held well and there were no obvious imperfections with respect to the draw and flow.
Vangarma It lasted an hour and fifteen minutes, (was expecting a two hour smoke). The ash held up solid, had it an inch and a half at one point, I tend to flick a lot. Ialso burnt consistantly to the last 1/2 inch. No relighting was needed.
Imdenyse Good burn on this. Started out a little uneven but it equaled out after about 10 minutes. The wrapper stayed intact through the burn. The draw was very nice...not difficult (as I had heard these could be) but not too easy either. Very steady burn.
LadyD. The lighting took a bit and the early draws were difficult, providing minimal smoke volume. As the cigar progressed it opened up a bit but I never got "optimum" smoke. The burn was even for the most part with only a couple of necessary corrections. Perhaps I just got one that was rolled a bit tight.
Salescamp I liked the overall taste of this cigar - although at one point I noticed a somewhat acrid taste that my nose didn't like too well. Otherwise I enjoyed both the taste and flavor in the medium range.
Connie H. A mild-smoke at best. I am all for a long as the flavor and taste are there. Unfortunately, this one didn't cut it. All I can say is... "Ack." The first few minutes of this smoke was acrid. I had to resist turning around and tossing it into the butt can. I stuck with it though, and towards the end, there was a hint of creaminess, but not much else.
Vangarma I was VERY surprised at how full flavor it was. I tasted a nutty undertone with a hint of spice (maybe cinnimon) not sure but it was a treat.
LadyD. Prelight aroma lead me to believe this cigar was properly aged with a mild "barnlike" quality. I expected a complex smoke with earthy, robust qualities and had the draw been better I think this would have been the case. Hints of wood and leather drifted in and out along with a medium body and finish.
Imdenyse It was a very middle of the road cigar. Not terribly strong in my estimation but not weak either. It wasn't anything special to me so therefore I don't think I'd look for one on my own.