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Onyx Reserve #4 Size: 5" x 44
Wrapper: Blackened Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan and Peruvian
Cigarwoman: This cigar was rated by 5 of our panel members and of the three, had the biggest swing, some loved it, some hated it! This cigar has been very highly rated by other publications... Here are our thoughts!
Salescamp: This was a Hendricks Martini rated cigar and I thought that the nuttiness of the smoke paired with the subtle rose and cucumber nature of the Hendricks gin went together most perfectly. Of the 3 cigars that I rated in this round - this was the winner. I would definitely recommend this cigar as a good budget / good smoke combination.
Connie H.: If you're looking for a cigar to smoke, just for the sake of going through the motions, then this is the cigar for you. If you want a nice, satisfying experience, then skip the Onyx Reserve #4. I smoked one, then went looking through my humi for something else to smoke.
Imdenyse: I wasn't a big fan of this cigar and I wouldn't personally add it to my humidor. If you want to enjoy a really dark glass of red wine or espresso, this would be a great compliment. The name Onyx is well suited -- dark and heavy
LadyD.: If performance is consistent I would keep a half a dozen in stock regulary. This cigar would pair nicely with a cup of Sumatra roast cup on the back patio. This was a solid B.
Connie H.: Very well constructed cigar with a dark, oily wrapper. Some box pressed cigars are awkward to hold, but this one had a nice feel. However, though appealing in color, the wrapper had a bumpy texture and was a bit veiny.
Salescamp: This cigar burned well and held the ash well. I thought that the draw was just right and the cigar stayed cool and flavorful throughout the entire smoke (which in this case was to the nub)..
Vangarma: From the git go construction was impaired. I removed from my humidor and it cracked beyond repair. This is not a humi issue because the rest of my supply is fine. I then went to my shop and purchased another one - An inch into it it split. I gave up.
Imdenyse: Not at all firm, very soft. Color was great, very dark, texture nice. The firmness really brought the quality down.
LadyD.: A gently box pressed 5x44 petite corona with a silky CT broadleaf binder. Two minor soft spots. The prelight aroma has a a hint of youth, which may actually be the Peruvian component of the filler. Otherwise, an inviting earthy sweetness that made me look forward to lighting up.
Connie H. Excellent draw and burn. No uneven burning or unwrapping. I never had to use the torch to correct the burn. The draw was just right-not too tight, and not like sucking a straw. This cigar lasted a decent amount of time for it's 5x44 size.
Salescamp This cigar burned well and held the ash well. I thought that the draw was just right and the cigar stayed cool and flavorful throughout the entire smoke (which in this case was to the nub).
Vangarma For the short time I smoked it, I found it to be a loose draw, Ash was very gray.
Imdenyse The one thing I really did not enjoy was the speed of the burn (although it had a nice ash). It was very loosely rolled resulting in an easy draw so the heat was a little bothersome and affected the taste. The cigar was gone quickly, which is never fun.
LadyD. Easy clip and a quick light lead to a near-perfect draw. Never needed to be relit or corrected. Firm ash that had to be tipped. Just the right resistance on the pull that eased only a little as the cigar warmed up.
Salescamp I really enjoyed the flavor of this cigar. There was a slight but pervasive nuttiness to the smoke and I spent most of my time smoking this cigar with deliberate aromatic wafts of smoke through my nose - very agreeable.
Connie H. This was not an unpleasant cigar. I didn't have the desire to toss the stick into the cigar butt can and grab my beverage to wash away the taste. There would have to be some taste to wash away. There was no taste, no finish, no anything. Did I smoke a cigar ?
Vangarma I thought it to be a harsh, very dry smoke. Not my preference.
LadyD. A near-medium bodied cigar with straight foward flavors of cedar, leather and sweet undertones. There were also hints of coffee which made for a very palatable finish.
Imdenyse Even though I wasn't a big fan of the cigar, the taste wasn't bad. If you lilke a dark, full bodied cigar, you'd really enjoy this. The flavor was strong, consistent and never bitter. No aftertaste.