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Okay, here we go. Meet the panel!
The ratings are coming in. The first up is Onyx Reserve #4, Royal Jamaica Gold Churchill and finally, The TTT Trinidad Churchill! Check out our ratings page!

I know it's been a long time coming, but look for big changes and updates to this site! I've finally been able to squeeze time in to do revisions. Look for new articles, reviews and more! Plus, we will be restarting the Message Board with Moderation to remove the spam and make it a friendly place again! Sorry it took me so long!.

Check out my review of "The Havana—Cigar of Connoisseurs”.

Now you can get all your Cigar Supplies (Poker Chips too! for you card players) direct from CigarWoman! Check out our new CigarWoman Shop! Check it out for deals on Humidors, accessories and more, such as Poker Chips and supplies!

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Featured Article
"The Havana—Cigar of Connoisseurs”... a review of the video by the Cigar Woman

This area is open to anyone who wishes to write an article for the site, so get your writing skills in order! I have had some submittals and plan to read and post them. If you have an article, please use this form to submit it for approval.
Also, checkout some of the archived articles from my previous site.

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